Advantages of having a pH-balanced body

Advantages of having a pH-balanced body

Put the wrong kind of gas into your car, and you could end up with an expensive problem on your hands. But before it even gets to that point, something else happens – your car won’t run as efficiently. Little problems will start up which, if ignored, will eventually cause the car to stall to a halt. The same applies to your body if it is constantly struggling or working hard to maintain its pH balance. 

What is your body’s pH balance?

As we mentioned in a previous blog on pH balance, when you measure the pH level of something, you’ll assess it on a 14-point scale of acidity and alkalinity where below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline. 7 is neutral. Generally speaking, the ideal overall pH balance for a human body rests at around 7.4, slightly more alkaline than neutral. However, each organ and system functions best at different pH levels. Your body is extremely adept at controlling its pH levels throughout and has sophisticated buffering systems that control, neutralize and excrete excess acidity. These buffering systems comprise of the kidneys, skin, and lungs.

So if your body has this, why do you need to worry about your pH levels?

The simple answer is our lifestyles are creating too much acidity in our bodies and increasing the load on our systems. The food and drinks we consume (like high quantities of meat, dairy, white flour, refined grains and sugar) create acid in our bodies. Most of us don’t get enough fruits and vegetables each day, yet it’s these products that give us the alkaline minerals our bodies need to counteract the acid load.

In addition, stress and exercise also increase our acidity levels – not that exercise is bad for you, of course, but the acidity is a natural result of exercise and, for people who train a lot and consume a lot of protein, their acid load is increased.

Remember that our bodies are very smart and will do whatever is necessary to offset this high dietary acid load; however, this constant work to remove the excess acid leaves us experiencing many health discomforts like fatigue, headaches, and heartburn. Over the long term, a constantly raised acid load can lead to a range of more serious health concerns and diseases. You can read more about the signs of an acidic body in this blog.  

Achieving that pH balance

Keeping your body in a more alkaline state shouldn’t be a chore. Drinking lots of water, eating lots of vegetables and cutting back on meat/dairy products, sugars and processed foods, as well as coffee, are fundamental ways you can help your body manage its pH levels.

Of course, Multiforce can also help you along the way, but why is that alkalinity so important?

A good pH balance in your body has big benefits:

1. You will sleep better

When your body is functioning well, you’re able to fall asleep more easily and enjoy a better quality of sleep. Good rest is an integral part of good health! Plus you will wake up feeling more refreshed and better positioned to handle the stress of work and family life.

2. You will look good

When you’re living life balanced, it shows in your skin and nails. With the correct pH balance, your skin responds by looking more youthful, retaining elasticity and you’re less likely to experience breakouts. You might even notice that your nails don't break as much.

3. You will be more alert

While your internal organs are functioning at an optimal level and your body isn’t working overtime to manage its acid/alkaline levels, you aren’t left tired meaning you’re more alert, and more capable when it comes to problem-solving, figuring out what you need to do next, and thinking up that next great idea. Who would say no to better productivity?

4. Your body will be ready and on guard

Fighting off flu and other conditions gets a little easier when you’re leading a healthy and balanced life, as you’re less susceptible to picking up those bugs when your body is in a more alkaline state. And if that’s not enough to convince you, your digestive system will thank you too, because an alkaline body processes foods more effectively, making sure you don’t feel sluggish or bloated.

There’s a healthy life out there for you – go on and get it!


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