A sustainable approach to reducing acidity

Healthy lifestyle choices may help prevent chronic disease.

Excess acidity starts with what you eat and drink

While it’s true that our bodies have amazing restorative properties and regulatory systems, it’s also true that consuming too many acid forming foods (such as those that are heavily processed) can leave the body struggling to get rid of excess acid.

Current scientific views are that unless sufficient alkaline minerals are consumed, our bodies will have to leach them from the bones and organs, putting us at risk of lifestyle related conditions and ailments.

Familiar discomforts don't have to be the norm

Most of us know how uncomfortable we can feel after an episode of over-indulgence. Well, imagine the long-term cumulative effects of eating more acidic foods. No wonder our bodies find a way to tell us that we’ve made a poor lifestyle choice!

Symptoms such as digestive discomfort, joint discomfort, skin that breaks out easily, weak nails, headaches and even body odor might be a sign that you have excess acidity.

Balance your system with an alkalizing supplement

Multiforce helps your body to re-calibrate its balance between acidity and alkalinity, so you can feel better and begin living a healthier life.

The alkalizing blend of multi-minerals (including Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium) was developed to supplement the body’s nutrients, allowing it to replenish these minerals and, over time, reduce the symptoms attributed to over-acidity.

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