Kick Acid Off Your Menu This Super Bowl Sunday!


For millions of football fans, the biggest showdown on Super Bowl Sunday February 4 won’t be between the two opposing teams, but between healthy eating and wild abandon. After all, game day is generally the second most indulgent of the year – sometimes even more caloric than Thanksgiving, which at least has turkey and vegetable dishes to offset the naughtier items on the menu. 

Consider these alarming Super Bowl stats: Americans will consume some 1.5 billion chicken wings this Super Bowl Sunday; about 50 million of us will have pizzas delivered; and while the players will be exhausting themselves on the field, the only exercise most of us will get will be hauling bags of chips, pretzels, popcorn and nuts from our cars to our kitchens (in fact, most viewers consume at least 1200 calories in snacks alone during the game!).

Finding The Perfect Middle Ground

Fortunately, though, there is a “neutral zone” between denial and excess on Super Bowl Sunday thanks to several dishes, snacks and desserts that offer the flavor and fun that complement this beloved annual viewing experience without the side order of guilt and regret that defines so many Mondays the day after.  

Caulifower nachos, anyone? They’re surprisingly delicious as it turns out. Same with avocado hummus; Asian turkey sliders; healthier sweet potato skins; artichoke-spinach dip; honey-glazed chicken wings with snow peas and dozens more options that are savory, satisfying and better for you than the usual Super Bowl fare. Check out these recipes and ideas from Food Network and Eating Well magazine (a simple search for healthy Super Bowl foods will of course turn up numerous more appetizer, snack, entrée, dessert and beverage possibilities).

What’s more, with the era of cardboard-like meat-free foods now gone forever, the variety of truly delish vegetarian alternatives is greater than ever. Recipes abound online that are well worth perusing in advance of the big game (and, hopefully, year-round).

Team Up With Multiforce

 While a one-day bout of indulgence isn’t going to change your life, it can definitely exacerbate any existing imbalances between acid and alkaline in your system and increase the odds that you may experience such unpleasant symptoms as acid reflux, bloat, heartburn, indigestion, gout and osteoarthritis stemming from excess acidity. Indeed, most of the foods and drinks (from soda to alcohol) associated with Super Bowl Sunday are the ones with the highest levels of acidity.

In addition to balancing your diet with healthier alternatives on February 4 (and every other day of the year, for that matter), you’d also be well advised to huddle with a package of Multiforce - an all-natural blend of such alkalizing minerals as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. As millions of people around the world have already discovered, Multiforce helps your body re-calibrate its pH balance between acid and alkaline so you can live your life feeling your best.

So this year, get ready for kick-off time by kicking acid off your diet thanks to healthier eating and the powerhouse minerals at play in every bottle of Multiforce. It may not help your favorite team win but it’ll definitely help you keep your acid-alkaline levels on the healthy 50 yard-line right where they belong.


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