How Much Do You Know About Acid? Take Our “Acid Test” & Find Out!

Acid Test

Most people only think of excess acid when their stomach is rumbling in the hours immediately following an indulgent meal or evening of imbibing cocktails. But the reality is that acid is everywhere in our lives – caused not just by unhealthy foods and drinks, but by stress and even (somewhat counterintuitively) strenuous exercise.

Moreover, acid is often responsible for far more troubling symptoms than just upset tummies (which is why traditional antacid pills only provide very temporary relief at best). Did you know, for example, that excess acid, whether stemming from food, drink, stress or exercise (the latter related to lactic acid build-up) can lead to such conditions as osteoarthritis, gout, muscle fatigue, joint pain and acid reflux?

Acid Test

Given how prevalent acid and its health ramifications are in our lives, we thought you might want to gauge your knowledge about this timely topic by taking a brief “acid test” we’ve created just for you. Some of the answers will be obvious, some will be surprising and more than a few may be a wee bit alarming.


Good luck (answers below)! 

  1. Unless sufficient alkaline minerals (fruits, veggies) are consumed, our bodies will have little option but to leach them from the bones and organs. TRUE OR FALSE?

  2. Pineapples, lemon juice, oranges, grapes and apples are all among the more acidic fruits. Can you rank them in order, the first being the most acidic and the fifth being the least? RANK 1-5 (ACID TO ALKALINE)

  3. Coffee is this many times more acidic than tap water – 250 X, 1000 X, 2500 X?

  4. Acid reflux affects more than this number of Americans – 25 MILLION, 60 MILLION, 150 MILLION?

  5. What sometimes-socially-unacceptable habit can help relieve heartburn? ANSWER BELOW!

  6. Which of these foods is the most alkalizing: sweet potatoes, kale or eggs? ANSWER BELOW!

  7. A recent study found which of these countries to have the healthiest diet: NIGERIA, AMERICA OR CHAD?

  8. What percentage of U.S. households routinely makes (often-acidic) frozen dinners? 30%, 45% OR 65%?

  9. The health profile of eggs has undergone a good deal of change over the years, but are these breakfast staples considered an acidic or alkaline food? ANSWER BELOW!

  10. Do you mainly follow an acidic “Western diet” that includes processed foods, salty snacks, sugary desserts, soda, coffee and alcohol? YES OR NO?


  1. True

  2. Lemon Juice, Grapes, Pineapples, Apples, Oranges

  3. 1000 X

  4. 60 Million

  5. Blowing Bubble Gum

  6. Kale

  7. Chad

  8. 45%

  9. Acidic

  10. Probably – most of us do. That’s why there’s Multiforce!


Life Live Balanced With Multiforce However well you did on this basic “acid test,” right now is the perfect time to adjust your diet and make healthier choices at the market, at home, at work and on the go. And beyond cutting back on acidic foods and drinks and loading up on alkalizing fruits and veggies, you’d be well advised to take Multiforce once a day to maintain an optimal pH balance.

A natural alkalizing supplement containing Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium, Multiforce not only ensures that we get sufficient amounts of key minerals, but helps our systems maintain the healthiest possible balance between acid and alkaline even when our diets don’t.

Your tummy will thank you!


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