Frequently asked questions

We fill you in with everything you need to know about Multiforce® Alkaline Powder:

How can an alkaline supplement benefit your health?

A balanced acid-base ratio as well as optimum vitamin and nutritional status are the main pillars of a healthy metabolism. Due to our modern diets and lifestyles we tend to form too much acid since much of what we eat is acid forming in the body. Stress and lack of sleep are also culprits in raising our internal acid levels. In addition, weight loss diets and fasting also tend to facilitate the formation of acids.

Stress and exercise also affect your body’s pH. When you start running or exercising you are in aerobic exercise meaning your body can keep up with the oxygen demands from your muscles. But if you continue long and hard enough you will go into an anaerobic state and your muscles form lactic acid that builds up affecting the pH of the bloodstream. This excess acidity has a negative impact on our health, both in the short term and long term. Symptoms such as aching muscles and joints, headaches, dry, itchy skin, heartburn and gout can occur while over the long term, constantly raised acid levels have been linked to osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle related illnesses.

By including an alkaline mineral supplement in your daily regime you are giving your body the alkaline minerals it needs to be able to remove excess acidity from the body and helping it to maintain its optimum acid/alkaline balances.

What are the active ingredients in Multiforce®?

Two sources of calcium (calcium citrate and calcium phosphate), two sources of magnesium (magnesium citrate and magnesium phosphate) and potassium citrate. Also, Stinging Nettle leaves, which yields a small amount of vitamin C for absorption. We have included organic calcium to aid calcium absorption.

How does Multiforce®  assist the body in balancing its pH?

Acid-alkaline balance is necessary for normal metabolic processes. Blood pH is maintained between 7.35 to 7.45. This is a continual moving equilibrium. All metabolic processes are run in specific pH ranges. The body has different mechanisms to balance the body pH namely respiration (breathing rate increases to exhale more CO2), kidneys excrete acid directly into the urine (pH becomes more acidic) and buffers in the blood neutralize excess acids.  

If the body cannot compensate, alkaline forming minerals are leached from the bones or alternatively acid is displaced into the connective tissue. Both of these do irreparable damage to your skeletal system. How can you counteract this?  By a daily supply of basic minerals to protect the base deposits in the bones and to prevent the further depositing of excess acids in the connective tissue and even joints.  

What makes a person over-acidic?

The main factors are the following:

  1. Diet
  2. Too little water
  3. Stress
  4. Excessive exercise
  5. High uric acid levels

The pH of the urine and the saliva will test acidic if a person is over acidic. High uric acid levels have various causes and is most often genetic. A high purine diet (containing liver, game, anchovies, sardines, mushrooms or alcohol) can also increase uric acid. 

What is the mechanism of action of Multiforce®  relating to the acid-alkaline balance?

Everyday processes such as walking, talking, thinking, digesting food and our overall metabolism creates acid as a by-product. In addition, our Western diets which lean towards high intake of proteins, sugar, cereals, refined flour and alcohol and low intake of fruits and vegetables create additional acidity in the body. If there are not sufficient buffering actions taking place, especially by the bicarbonates in the blood, the excess acid will be deposited in the connective tissues or valuable minerals will be leached from the bones to neutralize the acids. Multiforce®  supplies the minerals as well as the citrate forms of them which are systemic alkalinizing agents.    

When must I take Multiforce®?

It’s good to get into a routine, so it’s recommended you take it before a meal, but absorption of this great tasting supplement and all the good things it contains does not depend on whether you have eaten or not.

Is it better to take my Multiforce® in the morning or at night?

If you’re enjoying your Multiforce® once a day, we recommend you take it at night simply because while you sleep your body is doing its best repair and rebuilding work and the minerals in Multiforce are very helpful then. Alternatively, you can enjoy Multiforce® before or after your main meal of the day.

If I eat late, just before going to bed, should I skip my Multiforce®  that night?

No, you can still enjoy your Multiforce® as usual. It can counteract the effect of the meal (depending on what was eaten).

What can I mix Multiforce® with?

We recommend mixing Multiforce® with water, as the powder has a natural fruit flavor with Stevia added for sweetness. The effect of Multiforce® is independent of the medium and fruit juice or other fluid would be fine (we believe there is no interaction between Multiforce® and bodily fluids or ingested foods or liquids). Multiforce® is absorbed out of the stomach and converted by the liver to bicarbonate which then causes the systemic alkalinizing effect.

Must I take Multiforce® before or after my meal?

It does not really matter (but see next question). Absorption is not dependent on food or no food. It could however be beneficial for some of the constituents to be taken on an empty stomach (such as the organic calcium).

Does it make a difference how much water I dissolve my Multiforce®  in?

It does not matter how much water you dissolve your Multiforce® into, but it is recommended to follow this up with a big glass of water. The minerals in Multiforce® need the water in order to be absorbed by the body. We recommend drinking 60 fl. oz. (or half a gallon) of fluid during the day.

Is the mannitol in Multiforce®  a sugar?

Mannitol is not really a sugar but a ‘polyol’ or ‘sugar alcohol’ and it is not an active ingredient in Multiforce®. It is one of the bulking agents. It is seen as a carbohydrate and in this case it contains a sugar (mannose) with an extra hydroxyl group (OH). The sugar alcohols are used commonly in foods to replace sugar because they are only partly absorbed, and only a small amount are broken down by the liver. The rest is excreted in the urine. The only occasional side effect associated with it is diarrhea.  

According to the FDA, if a product results in a daily ingestion of 20 grams of mannitol it would need to bear the statement "Excess consumption may have a laxative effect". We only use 3 grams of mannitol per serving of Multiforce®.

What is the difference between Multiforce® and other alkalizing products (antacids)?

Multiforce® is a multi-mineral supplement with many important minerals present (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium) that are essential for you to obtain a healthy natural acid-base balance in your body.

Why do we need to take additional minerals? Our diets do not contain enough fresh fruits and vegetables, which are a natural source of minerals. This results in acid-alkaline imbalance in our bodies and may result in inflammation because our systems are constantly correct our pH to get rid of the acid in our body.

Multiforce® is better long term due to the minerals and the beneficial effect they have, especially in the citrate form (as we consume too little veggies and fruit). Multiforce® is indicated more for long term use due to it being a multi-mineral and a systemic alkalizing agent.

Can I use Multiforce® with other medication?

Always consult your doctor before beginning a new supplement, to ensure that there can be no contraindications or side effects. If you have a serious kidney dysfunction, Multiforce® is not recommended. It is also contra-indicated for people who are on a course of potassium sparing diuretics or antibiotics that require an acidic medium to function. If you are taking prescription medication, it’s recommended that you wait two hours after taking your medication before taking Multiforce®.

Does Multiforce®  have an anti-inflammatory effect?


Can I use Multiforce® during pregnancy?

There is no evidence to suggest that Multiforce® is not safe to use during pregnancy or lactation. In fact, the minerals in Multiforce® can be especially beneficial to pregnant women. You must, however, consult your doctor or midwife before beginning to take Multiforce®.

Can children take Multiforce® and from which age?

We have no data on children thus cannot recommend the use of Multiforce® by children. We only recommend that adults and children over 12 years take Multiforce®. Also, there should be no reason for a child to need to take an alkaline forming supplement.  

If I am osteopenic and have been told to take a calcium supplement, is taking Multiforce® once a day enough?

No, all our clinical data indicated that taking Multiforce® twice a day was most helpful. For a therapeutic effect, twice daily ingestion of Multiforce® is recommended.

If I take a calcium supplement already, can I take Multiforce®  simultaneously?

The amount of calcium in Multiforce® is low (approximately 250 mg per serving) and therefore, if really necessary, a calcium supplement can be taken in conjunction with Multiforce®. The alkalizing effect of Multiforce® has a beneficial effect on bones without having to ingest extra calcium.

Can calcium deposits form in the veins?

It is highly unlikely that the calcium in Multiforce® would cause vascular calcification or blood pressure increases, in any case not more than excessive intake from other sources. Multiforce® only contains 250 mg elemental calcium per dosage, which is far below the upper safe limit.

Can a person with kidney stones use Multiforce®?

Yes – for the same reason that it would be used for gout. Multiforce® inhibits the crystallization of uric acid in the urinary tract. The only time it must not be used is if a person has calcium kidney stones (which is very rare). Usually the stones are sent to a lab for analysis and 99% are uric acid stones.

Are there any contra indications?

Hyperkalemia and hypercalcemia. Any medicine or food that has a potential effect on the body’s acid/alkaline or electrolyte balance should be used carefully by persons suffering from serious kidney dysfunctions.

People taking potassium sparing diuretics.

People who are badly controlled diabetics. Insulin pushes potassium into the cell and this may cause potassium overload. Usually these diabetics would present with high potassium levels. Diabetics, by definition, are usually very acidic and this, combined with too much insulin, can cause potassium to move out of cells. Additional potassium (i.e. from Multiforce®) can cause an overload leading to hyperkalemia.

How would I know if I have high potassium levels?

You will experience: muscle fatigue and weakness; partial/sporadic paralysis; abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) and nausea.

Why is Multiforce® in a powder dosage form?

Multiforce® is packed with important minerals to help you live life, balanced. Multiforce® in a powder form is better aborbed by the body. With just one 7.5 g dosage, Multiforce® effectively replaces your need to take approximately 7 to 8 tablets of other calcium, magnesium, potassium and Vitamin C supplements.

Will Multiforce® be beneficial for someone with a stomach ulcer?

Multiforce® can help to alleviate the symptoms of a stomach ulcer, but it will not help to heal it.

I have severe gout; can I take Multiforce® with my prescribed gout medication?

Yes, our studies showed that Multiforce® actively helped to reduce uric levels faster and inhibit uric acid stones from forming. Multiforce® is recommended twice a day when dealing with gout.

My Multiforce® has black particles in, is this normal?

Yes. This is totally natural. The black particles are from one of the plant ingredients contained within Multiforce®.

Why is there lactose in Multiforce®?  Is it significant?

Because of the organic calcium and tissue salt, Multiforce® contains a very small amount of lactose.  One 7.5 gram dosage contains 860 of lactose. Lactose is simply a carrier.

Has Multiforce® been clinically proven to be safe and effective?

Yes, Multiforce® has proven effectiveness. A clinical study was conducted on osteoarthritis of the hands, and this study found Multiforce® to be safe and effective, when taken twice daily.

Multiforce®  is also beneficial for athletes. Why is this?

To answer this we need to know what the effect of exercise is on the body.  When we exercise, our heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and cardiac output all increase. Blood flow to the heart, the muscles, and the skin increases. The body’s metabolism becomes more active, producing CO2 and H+ in the muscles. We breathe faster and deeper to supply the oxygen required by this increased metabolism. Eventually, with strenuous exercise, our body’s metabolism exceeds the oxygen supply and begins to use alternate biochemical processes that do not require oxygen. These processes generate lactic acid, which enters the blood stream. Multiforce® can help reduce the acidic effect of this lactic acid in the blood.