Excess Acidity

Excess Acidity

Excess Acid Starts with What You Eat and Drink

Studies in America and Europe indicate that people following a Mediterranean diet enjoy better health than those following a Western diet. This is attributed to the fact that a Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and olives while minimizing the intake of animal protein and dairy.

Conversely, the modern Western diet is high in acid- producing animal products (meat, fish, dairy), as well as refined flour, grains, processed foods, sugars and beverages, while at the same time low in alkaline-producing fruits and vegetables.

While it’s true that our bodies have amazing restorative properties and regulatory systems, it’s equally true that consuming too many acid- forming foods on a long-term basis leaves the body struggling to get rid of excess acid every day. In fact, scientists believe that unless sufficient alkaline minerals are consumed, our bodies will have little option but to leach them from the bones and organs, putting us at risk of many lifestyle-related conditions and diseases such as osteoporosis.

Our bodies work hard every day to maintain the perfect pH balance of acid and alkaline (as shown in the chart below) and finding that perfect balance is integral to living a happier  and healthier life.

ph Scale

Stress and Exercise Can Also Contribute to Excess Acid

While it’s probably no surprise that today’s stressful lifestyle is also a significant contributor to excess acidity, exercise (which is supposed to help relieve stress) can also contribute to acid in the body. In fact, strenuous and intensive exercise can cause a build-up of lactic acid and leave you with sore and painful muscles that prolong your recovery time.  Fortunately, Multiforce helps your body to  re-calibrate it’s pH balance between acid and alkaline so you can feel better and continue living an active lifestyle. 

Symptoms of Over-Acidity

Most of us know all too well how uncomfortable we can feel after an episode of over-indulgence. Well, imagine the long-term cumulative effects of eating more acidic foods and fewer alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables. No wonder our bodies find a way to tell us in no uncertain terms that we’ve made a poor lifestyle choice!

Indeed, consider these seemingly disparate symptoms that may actually stem from the same related causes – poor diet, high stress and excess acidity:


• Heartburn • Bad breath
• Burning bladder • Body odor
• Osteoarthritis  • Constipation
• Gout • Bad moods / bad temper
• Stiff, sore joints and muscles • Dry skin
• Headaches • Smelly sweaty feet
• Low energy • Skin that breaks out easily
• Kidney stones • Weak nails
• Gall stones •  A weak immune system


How Multiforce Rebalances Your Body to Reduce Symptoms of Over-Acidity

Body acids are neutralized through various buffering systems in the body, but for these systems to work optimally to maintain that perfect pH balance, sufficient alkaline mineral compounds are required. The alkaline minerals that are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables – Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium – can help counteract the acidity in your body.

In order to maintain this ideal balance, nutritionists suggest we eat seven to ten servings of fruits and vegetables as well as drink two liters of water daily – a tall order for the majority of us. Which is exactly why Multiforce’s alkalizing blend of multi-minerals was developed – to supplement the body’s nutrients, allow it to replenish these life-balancing minerals and, over time, reduce the symptoms attributed to over-acidity once and for all.