Creating Good Habits Can Be Positively Habit Forming!

Good habits

We all want to live healthy productive lives and make good choices — whether it's the foods we eat, the friends we make or the goals we set for work, play and family. But sometimes our bad habits get in the way of a better lifestyle. We push our health aside for comfort food, sugary drinks, caffeine, alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle. We push delete on our happiness by overworking, being stressed and fretting the little things in life.

We’ve all indulged or overindulged during our lives, especially since we’re not only creatures of habit but actually find comfort in the habits we create (even – and sometimes, especially – the bad ones). So rather than pick apart our bad habits (and you know which yours are), let’s focus on how we can create good habits, such as eating better, taking vitamins, finding a routine to reduce stress through exercise, practicing meditation, or improving our sleeping patterns.

Good Habits Take Time – But Not As Much As You Might Think! Most of us would agree that bad habits will be reinforced over a lifetime and that making positive lifestyle or dietary changes takes time and effort – especially since there are no quick fixes that can change our lives overnight (“miracle” diets and “magic” elixirs aside!).

Happily, though, it’s entirely possible to adopt good habits (and, by inference, reduce bad ones) in only a few months. Here’s an 8-point checklist to focus on creating positive outcomes not just over the long haul but sooner than you might expect:

      1. Recognize your bad habits: The ancient Greeks philosophized, “Know thyself.” Take a look at    yourself and make a list of what negative habits you’d like to make a thing of the past and which positive habits you’d like to make a part of your future.

2. Start with one good habit: This will increase your rate of success rather than working on many “fixes” all at once. By focusing on improving your lifestyle one step at a time, you’ll inevitably be all the more encouraged to get to work on the next one when you’re ready.

3. Public accountability (aka Tell Someone!): Only you can create positive change but enlisting a friend or family member to give you encouragement will build your confidence and bolster your determination.

4. Start with small steps: Walk before you run. Creating a good habit takes repetition and then more repetition. You want to eat more fruits and veggies?Add a vegetable serving to each meal or swap out that sugary processed snack for a piece of fruit – ideally every day but at the very least once in a while.

5. Work towards bigger goals:Once you feel comfortable making small but significant changes, step it up and challenge yourself. Listen to your inner voice and take note of how great you feel after accomplishing your goals.

    6. Be SMART: Creating good habits means starting with specific and realistic objectives; being “happier” is too vague and setting impossible goals may lead to frustration and a loss of resolve. So remember these SMART guidelines: Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Repeatable, Trackable.

7. Reward Yourself: We all like positive reinforcement; the more encouragement the better the outcome, right? So go ahead and treat yourself when you reach a key success milestone on your journey to achieving a big overriding goal. In other words – celebrate along the way and not just at the finish line. After all: small rewards help reinforce good habits.

8. Time is your friend: When is a good habit an automatic habit? If you can incrementally reinforce your good habit and keep it up for 3 months, then it truly becomes your habit. You can own it!

Supplement Your Healthy New Habits With Multiforce

While all of the points cited above require a degree of commitment and effort, there is one positive change you can make today – benefitting from a daily serving of Multiforce.

A 100% natural mineral-rich blend of alkalizing potassium, magnesium and calcium, Multiforce will help you segue to a healthier lifestyle by reducing acid build-up resulting from our Western diet of processed meats and sugary snacks, sodas, coffee, alcohol and protein. And don’t forget: excess acid can not only lead to such obvious symptoms as heartburn and acid reflux, but to a troubling variety of ailments such as osteoarthritis, gout, urinary issues, muscle fatigue and joint pain – symptoms no traditional acid relief pill could ever effectively relieve.

Fortunately, Multiforce will get to work helping your system maintain a perfect pH balance between acid and alkaline in only a few short weeks – and that’s even if you’re still indulging in your favorite acid-rich, mineral-poor foods now and then. So give Multiforce a try and discover what millions of people worldwide have been discovering for years: feeling great is one habit you’ll want to maintain for life!


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