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Understanding heartburn and its connection with excess acidity

Heartburn is a symptom associated with a burning sensation in the chest, and it is caused by acid that moves from the stomach and up into the esophagus. It can be triggered by lifestyle choices, or linked to more serious conditions. Many use medications but our alkalizing supplement, Multiforce, could...

Advantages of having a pH-balanced body

Keeping your body in a more alkaline state shouldn’t be a chore. Drinking lots of water, eating lots of vegetables and cutting back on meat/dairy products, sugars and processed foods, as well as coffee, are fundamental ways you can help your body manage its pH levels. Of course, Multiforce can also help you along...

Do you know the signs of an acidic body?

Our bodies naturally fight to keep things in balance. Acidosis (where your bodily fluids contain high levels of acid) is fought off by the organs. But organs need to work really hard to counteract acidic effects and eventually, they may run out of steam. This is when the body will...

Bring your pH level back into balance

Imagine if we are frequently eating processed and sugary foods, as well as lots of animal proteins (meat and dairy), leading stressful lives, drinking alcohol regularly, and not getting enough sleep.... We are loading lots of acid-forming substances into our bodies, causing them to work harder to counteract this excess acidity. Over-acidity...

A clinical study could bring renewed hope to osteoarthritis sufferers

Daily supplementation with an alkaline mineral supplement has been shown to reduce pain, tenderness and stiffness, specifically associated with osteoarthritis (OA) of the finger joints and knuckles, say researchers. Read our blog to learn more!